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"Samuel Tilden the
 Real 19th President"
 Elected by the Peoples' Votes 
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"I have only to suggest that no citizen’s library, and especially no Democrat’s library, should be regarded as complete without a copy of this invaluable and most interesting work"
New York Governor & U.S. Senator, David B. Hill, 
New York Times  1895
John Bigelow :
“I am disposed to regard as my duty to a faithful friend, as well as to the great community of which he had been for full half a century a devoted servant and benefactor. “His public life spanned a larger portion of the history of our Republic than that of any other eminent American statesman, and he occupied the unique position in our history of being the only one selected by the nation for its chief magistracy, who was never clothed with its responsibilities. That there was much in such a life which those to whom the future destinies of our country are to be confided, may study with profit, there can be no doubt.

“The contribution to the facilities for this study, attempted in these pages, inadequate as I am conscious it is, and imperfect as any record of such a life must be, written before Time’s effacing finger has obliterated the transient memories of a more or less stormy career, and revealed its durable outline and grand proportions, will, I trust, be not without some value. When the passions and prejudices engendered by political strife shall, as in due time they will subside,

“Mr. Tilden’s place among the foremost and wisest statesmen of our country will be cheerfully recognized. If, however, I owe to his memory, as I suppose I do, any further duty as a friend and patriot, it is a duty which my increasing years admonish me must not be deferred.”

John Bigelow
Samuel Tilden on the other hand went to bed happy and late but tired from all the activities that election day. He knew he had just been elected the 19th President of the United States on America's 100th Anniversary...The next morning for both men would be the start of the very corruptions they despised as Reformers. 

John Bigelow was a Co-Owner of the New York Evening Post (AKA New York Post) with William Cullen Bryant 
The Documentary in production.
Rutherford B, Hayes told his wife Lucy on election night that he conceded Tilden's win.  Tilden carried New York by over fifty thousand votes,...Hayes wrote in his diary, "From that time I never supposed there was a chance for Republican success." Shortly after midnight he joined his wife in bed, consoling her he says, "at least, their lives would be easier without the added burden of having to move into the White House" 
Short Documentary: 
Director-Dominic Palmeri,  
Music , Don Tweedy 
Host,  Garrick Newman,  
Post Production, 
Century III at Universal Studios, 
Editor Oliver Peters,,
Producer Nikki Oldaker
Writer  Nikki Oldaker
Samuel Tilden
Samuel Tilden
Samuel Tilden Book on display at Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble New York City
The store manager displayed 
my Samuel Tilden book with the 
best sellers at the cashier counter.
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Original video version below. The project was a pitch for a series on Presidential candidates...Dominic Palmer, was DP for MASH both film and series...Don Tweedy, was Elvis's Music arranger (2nd leg)...Although I warned them this was not safe due to possible theft, they said, they wouldn't dare...Our pitch was sent out with full budget and production cost...They declined us and as I feared cable companies waited a few years and created their own series. Some are on YouTube.

Samuel Tilden
"The Life of Samuel J Tilden" Vol 2.
Kindle has both Vols 1 & 2

Hard cover print Vol 2 with dust cover, sold at Barnes and Noble in Print. $35.85
Print available 
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Born: New Lebanon, NY
February 9, 1814
Died: New York City,
August 4, 1886
Nikki Oldaker
Read the Screenplay for FREE - Update: March 8, 2024 Tilden screenplay currently in rewrites...Will post updated version upon completion.
Samuel Tilden

March 30, 2024

"Tilden" Screenplay Rewrites are underway. 
Will replace with the new version upon completion.

Dec 31, 2023 to 2024

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"Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President"

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Ending of this audio book...Will produce a Bonus Chapter on Mr. Tilden and John Bigelow's legacies..

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Update: Jan 4th, 2023
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Update: Part 4, "Stolen Presidency" In Production

Update: 3 segments Parts, 1, 2 and 3 of documentary completed. Free to watch.
Part 3 is titled, 
"Rise to Power"

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Samuel Tilden
Thanks to AI technology was able to create first ever live headshots of Governor Tilden and the Honorable John Bigelow. 
After decades of just seeing still photos of him it took my breath away.
Below is the opening intro chapter of Tilden's early life and Rise to Power.
NY Public Library Tilden's bequeathed in his Will a  gift of free education for People.
The 35thh clause of his Will was challenged by his nephews who wanted the money for themselves.
If not for John Bigelow's promise
 to Governor Tilden 
 this library would have never been built.
lick on the photo to read the history.