Written by: New York Governor Samuel Tilden
November 6, 1876

The unfailing mercies of God, of which another year has given witness, call us to renew our acknowledgement of Him in thanksgiving and prayer.

We are specially reminded of His protection, in the absence of any great disaster or calamity throughout the Commonwealth; and of HIs bounty, the large and generous returns of nature.

Let us rejoice in the spirit of order and of charity and of hopefulness which has pervaded all classes under the depression in the industries and trade, and in the growth of 'public sentiment toward wise and humane methods of dealing with want and suffering. Let us give thanks for the maintenance of our social and religious institutions in their integrity, and improve the Divine blessing upon all efforts in behalf of good government and a true morality.

In common with the people of the other States of the Union, we recall, at this time, the blessings which we hold by inheritance It becomes us, with them, to gratefully and humbly acknowledge the God of our fathers, whose mercies have been from generation to generation, beseeching Him for the continuance of His favor to the nation of His planting that he may not "deliver our glory to another."

I do, therefore, set apart and appoint Thursday, the 30th day of November, recommending to the people that on that day they put aside their usual employments, and in their homes and in their respective places of worship, render thanks to Almighty God for His mercies to us as individuals and as a State

Done at the Capitol, in the City of Albany, this sixth day of November, in the year of our [L.S.] Lord on thousand eight-hundred and seventy-six.                                                      SAMUEL J. TILDEN
By the Governor,
CHARLES STEBBINS, Private Secretary.

Printed: New York Times November 9, 1876