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Samuel Tilden, The Real 19th President 
Written by: Nikki Oldaker with John Bigelow 
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The Life of Samuel J. Tilden
Written by: John Bigelow - Revised & Edited by Nikki Oldaker - 

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From Elinor Ruskin, New York City

Never have I read a book that so incensed me about a period in American history that shook my faith in the American public and media as much as SAMUEL TILDEN, the Real 19th President elected by the People’s Vote, written by Nikki Oldaker. It has caused me to ponder why we never seem to learn that real lessons can and should be learned in order for history not to repeat itself. 

Here is a book that tells the true story of the wrong president being elected amidst, trickery, lies and betrayal. All to elect a man who was not the popular choice among the voters.

Who doesn’t remember: the heated fight for the presidency in the year 2000? Both candidates, George W. Bush, Republican, and Albert Gore, Democrat thought they had won both nationally and even in Florida, despite that fact that the vote was leaning to Gore. As we now know, Bush won the Electoral vote, amidst cries that Gore won the popular vote. What we should remember is that almost the very same scenario took place in 1876, a year that also coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the United States as an Independent country also with the same disastrous results. 

At that time Samuel Jones Tilden, the Democratic candidate was running ahead of Rutherford B. Hayes, the Republican candidate with Tilden perceived as the sure winner. However, because of the complicated tawdry mess of bribery deception and outright fraud caused by ignoble members and conspirators of the Republican Party, Rutherford won, and deprived the country of its rightful leader. 

 This is a “must read” book, to be savored for its “page turning” enjoyment or simply as an historical lesson to be learned to be an informed citizen of the United States. 

From:  Kristi Talmadge, Hartford, CT - A very compelling and interesting story that highlights the history of our election process and sheds light on how history repeats itself.  People of all ages will find this book easy to read and hard to put down.  Well done!

From: Diane Solomon: Shelton, CT 
In 1876, one hundred years after our founding fathers so assiduously designed our free democracy, this same democracy was hijacked. An unscrupulous group of “dead of night” conspirators collaborated to steal the Presidency. Nothing less than a coup, and utterly audacious in its concept and delivery, this crime against the people’s right to choose tars our nation’s history.
Author Nikki Oldaker presents this story with powerful simplicity, her choice of present tense providing an urgency that is shocking. We are drawn into the story from the night before the election. We come to know and respect Samuel Tilden; his sense of morality and honor, and his determination to “clean up” the fraud and corruption of the Federal Government. As the tale unfolds, we, as voters in this democracy, are stunned and betrayed right along with Tilden and his many supporters. Although Tilden received a 254,000 majority of the votes, over Rutherford Hayes, it was Hayes who was inaugurated the 19th President of the United States, and came to be called by many, “Your Fraudulency.”  It is the dramatic unfolding of the events of this outrage that make up this compelling story, deftly handled by Nikki Oldaker. 
While this travesty occurred over one hundred years ago, it is clear to the reader that parallels can be drawn to the concerns and charges of voting fraud that were raised against both the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections. There are echoes of this dark tale in today’s extreme political bipartisanship. It may be Ms. Oldaker's intent to bring the reader’s focus to this repetition of history, while she shows us that alert vigilance is ever mandatory in a democratic society.
Samuel Tilden in his speech stated, “Successful wrong never appears so triumphant as on the very eve of its fall... We must believe in the right and in the future.  A great and noble nation will not sever its political from its moral life.” Let us hope he is right.